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The Secret to Positioning Appliances in Kitchen Design

The kitchen layout is the main starting point for any kitchen remodeling project. You must get this piece of the design puzzle right first. Understand your space, who will be using the kitchen and for what purposes, and design a layout that promotes an easy workflow through the kitchen.

While today’s kitchen serves many purposes, the heart of the kitchen is still food – storage, cooking, and eating. A key part of your layout is careful positioning of appliances to meet these needs. This could include a primary refrigerator, beverage refrigerator, dishwashers, oven, range, microwave, and more. Consider where they are placed, their proximity to each other, ease of access to them, and their size.

What do you need?

You may love the idea of a massive refrigerator or a large, professional oven, but do you really need it? If you do not cook enough or have a large family to feed, these large appliances become nothing more than decorations that take up space. Consider how your family and home function, how much space you have, and choose appliances to fit your kitchen design requirements.

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